Baine Kelly, is an award winning paranormal romance writer, focusing on "The Sable World" of the supernatural with a bite of romance.

Zombie Zoe

Released in September 2014 by Winterloch Publishing, LLC, Baine Kelly's most recent work is a paranormal children's book in collaboration with the Illustrator Ashley Burton, called Zombie Zoe Moving in with Grandma.



Zombie Zoe


Moving in with Grandma is the first book of the Zombie Zoe series about a little zombie girl named Zoe, that just wants to be like everyone else. Ashley brings Baine's characters to life with her unique style. Click here to learn more about Zombie Zoe

Sable World

Released by Winterloch Publishing in May 2013. Splash is the introduction to Baine Kelly's Sable World Series. It is currently available in print and ebook (Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, Kobo and many more).




Find out why "Splash" won an "Indie Book of the Day Award", and has reviewers saying things like -

Also coming soon from Baine Kelly and Winterloch Publishing

Blood Loss

Love Lost



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