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So... What to you want to know about my Sable World?

This is where I'll post the questions and answers that I gets asked most often. Please feel free to submit any quesitons you have by clicking here.

  • Q - Why did you start writing?
  • A - I have always enjoyed reading other author’s creation and decided I wanted to write my own. I’m moved by characters connections and the feeling of shock when something happens you didn’t expect. I love being able to create my own characters, my own world and capture a story worth sharing. It’s also pretty cool to be the One who decides who lives, dies or becomes the Undead.

  • Q - What is your favorite book? Author?
  • A - This is a hard question. I love to read and I tend to read for several hours a day, so I have many favorites. Please see my links page for what is in my library.

  • Q - Do your vampires sparkle?
  • A - No, they do not. The older they are the more sunlight they can tolerate; they go where they want to whenever they want to; decapitation is always a final killer; silver is bad; and yes, they drink blood from humans without killing them, unless……..

  • Q - What is your favorite movie?
  • A - I have many favorites. Here are a few of my fav’s.
  • Underworld
  • The Departed
  • Music and Lyrics
  • The Replacements
  • Crash
  • Old School
  • Dragonfly
  • A Man Apart
  • Gone in 60 Seconds

    • Q - What is your favorite song?
    • A - Again a very hard question because I listen to a wide variety of music and like to support local bands like Fat Skippy. Please check out my links page for more of my favorite music.


    Baine Kelly

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