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Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Blood Loss Teaser

In honor of MystiCon 2015, here is a little teaser from my upcoming release “Blood Loss”. While this book has been a long time coming, I want to thank everyone for their patience, understanding, support and encouragement.  The book is closer to being ready for release because of you, my readers and supporters. I’ll have some release dates for beta readers, bloggers, and the few supporters that have per-ordered very soon. Until then, please enjoy this teaser tidbit of “Blood Loss”…Baine Kelly's Blood Loss teaser

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Octavia waited, impatiently, for Michael to show. He was to meet with Patrick and bring her a new girl, but of course something went wrong. Like it always did with those idiots. She didn’t even know why she kept them around anymore. This last girl didn’t last long. Died within weeks. She needed to up the count of pitiful humans. Why was running black market blood so difficult? She was pacing the dark dirt covered floor behind an abandoned warehouse near the James River. This was a meeting spot only a few knew about. She loved it here, it was right in Garrick’s backyard. She loved messing with him and watching his pain. Peace would never come for him. She would though. And very soon.

She circled back around toward the side of the building as headlights came into view. About fucking time!

She knew something was wrong when Michael got out of the car. Alone. Octavia bit back her anger. No sense in killing him yet. She needed help dumping the dead girl. When that was finished she might consider offing him.

“Where is Patrick and a new girl Michael?”


“What do you mean gone?”

“When I got to the club he was gone and so was the girl he was after. I followed their scent to an ally not far from the club then nothing. I couldn’t track them any further. Someone else was there though but I don’t know who.”

She knew. Did Garrick figure out she was back.

This could be fun…

“It’s alright. Get this body dumped and go back to the club and find me another female.”

“Yes, Mam.”

Octavia started back toward her car, her foot hitting something sticking out of the ground. What the… The scent of rotting flesh engulfed her.

“Michael! Get over here with a shovel now!”

She watched as Michael shoved the shovel into the ground near her feet. A small hand was the first thing visible. She watched as Michael dug up the body of a young blonde female. Her throat had been torn out. Interesting, Octavia thought.

“It’s her!”

Octavia glanced up at the panic coming from Michael. “Her who?”

“The girl Patrick was after.”

Octavia took a closer look. The female hadn’t been dead long. Hours at most. Her kind could already smell the decaying flesh that mere humans wouldn’t smell for days. Finally she bent down peering at the dead girls face. Her face was covered with dirt, obviously from being buried. But there was something else. Bending closer she noticed it wasn’t just dirt covering the dead face. Taking a deep breath Octavia now understood what she was smelled. There was ash covering the body. And not just any ash.

Vampire ash.

She would bet her life that there in the shallow grave lay Patrick’s ashes with the body of the dead girl.

Only one person would have enough balls to send her a message like this.

Garrick knew.

If you enjoyed this “bite” of Blood Loss, check out “Splash” the Novella that introduces you to the “Sable World”.  The first chapter of “Blood Loss” can be found at the end of the book.

We’ll see you this weekend @ MystiCon!

Baine Kelly