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MystiCon 2015

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

MystiCon 2015

MysticCon 2015 is just around the corner. We are talking about a little over three weeks away and I’m really excited because it is the first time I’ve been asked to be a “Guest Author” for one of the conventions. Having been a regular visitor of RavenCon in Richmond for a few year, I’m really excited to expand my “Con” experience by going to MystiCon this year.  While I’m really excited about attending and being a “Guest Author”, it got me wondering what exactly is a “Guest Author”? I see this title and others being thrown around a lot for these conventions and book signings, “Come See so and so, Guest Author” or “So and So is our Guest Author”.

Let us first start with, I’m excited and thrilled to have this attached to my name, but I was just wondering what it meant. So I asked around, and spoke with some of my fellow “Guest Authors” and figured out that it was MystiCona better way of saying, an individual that will be working the convention panels and activities. So basically in a nutshell, that was it. We, the authors, artist, musicians, etc, want to have the opportunity to talk with the fans and the folks that are interested in our crafts. The conventions, such as MystiCon, that we attend give us a platform to do so, and the folks at the conventions want us, the artisans, to know how important we are to the success of the event. So they give us a great sounding title, and let us pick panels that fit our needs and allow us to speak to the convention attendees that are interested in the same topics that we are. So, Thank you MystiCon for inviting me to be one of your “Guest Authors“, I am super excited to be one of many authors, musicians, artist, and other performers that you invited to attend and contribute. I just hope that the convention goers enjoy my panels as much as I enjoy being part of the event!  See you in Roanoke, VA in 3 weeks!

Thank you again for all your support!

Baine Kelly